Muslim Brotherhood Forces Christians To Either Convert Or Pay Jizya

Religion being used as a simple excuse or justification for GREED.
This has nothing to do with religion per se and EVERYTHING to do with this who practice one faith that happens to be in power victimizing those of a different faith using religion as the justification for a much baser human desire. In this case simple greed, but I would not be any more surprised if it was lust with rape or demanding that they turnover their minor daughters or die (maybe that’s next).

The religions don’t really matter, it’s the power that does.
Hindi’s are doing it to Muslims, So are Buddhists, So have Christians, Israel isn’t exactly treating the Palestinians well, nor would many Arab’s or Muslims in that area treat the Israelis or a Jew well. Christians are of course fair game too, as would be any other religion and your really F’d if your an agnostic or worse.

But it’s NOT the religion, it’s simple human nature when fallible people find themselves in a position of power where they can simply take what they want from others, without scruple, with the virtual blessing of the powers that be – of course some will end up doing just that.
And some will decry what they do.

But their victims are still victimized.


Muslim_Brotherhood_LogoThe Muslim Brotherhood has continued its crackdown on Christians and has now implemented a tax or Jizya for Christian Copts who do not agree to convert to Islam. Based on Koran 9:29, Christians are being told in Dalga that they must pay jizya or tribute to their Muslim overlords as described in the Koran.

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