Fat Leonard And The Sailors: Navy Rocked By New Contracting Scandal

A military allowed to run unchecked readily leads to corruption and spending excesses. We have been “at war” since 1942 – it is time to stand down.


170px-Reuterdahl_Navy_recruitment_poster_2No it is not the latest rock band. Fat Leonard is the nickname for the rotund contractor named Leonard Glenn Francis, chief executive of Glenn Defense Marine. The Asian company is accused of greasing the skids in the Navy with bribes ranging from prostitutes to luxury hotels to tickets to Lady Gaga concerts. Snared in the scandal are an array of top Navy officials, including an official at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and a Navy Commander known “Little Bro” to Fat Leonard. Fat Leonard was well known in Naval circles and was given his nickname because he dressed out at 6-3 and 350 pounds.

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