Who Protects You and Your Family – NOT the police!

While “To Protect & Serve” is written on the side of many of our nation’s local polics patrol vehicles, recently many have come to realize that the truth is that that motto only seems to apply these days in many instances if you happen to be wearing blue with a badge. The police in many recent cases seem most concerned with serving and protecting their own – and the community and its citizens be damned.
And this attitude is not only ingrained in the rising “warrior culture” in law enforcement, but it is also legally supported – The police have NO legal duty to provide you with any sort of protection – at all; as shown in tbis NRA news story at:

So who are you left to count on to protect yourself and your family?
That is just one of the MANY reasons the 2nd Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms is so fundamentally important. Because it is what empowers your inherent Right to Self Defense and gives you an ability to protect yourself and your family in todays modern world. Firearms are called “The Great Equalizer” for a very good reason, in that they enable the weak to stand up to the strong, the old to the young, the infirm to the able bodied, the lone family protector to a gang of young thugs.

And, because the gun you grab when you hear that window break will probably only have one magazine in it, while the people breaking in, with time to plan may be bringing more – make sure you do not surrender your right to make sure that single magazine can hold enough rounds to take care of any situation. Large Capacity magazines were designed for, and favor the defender, because any attacker can carry as many magazines as they need – whatever capacity limits may be in place. The defender usually only gets the one in the gun he quickly grabs in response.

Don’t think that just because a gun control advocate prefaces his proposed restriction as a “common sense” restriction – that in the real world it will make any sense at all. It may be designed to sound good in a quick discussion – but many of these things often will create more problems than they are intended to solve because they simply don’t work in the real nitty gritty world.

Never surrender a civil liberty or a right, because once surrendered it will never be recovered. Millions died to obtain the recognition of, the codification of, and to preserve those inherent liberties and civil rights – you do not have the right to discard or dispense with them for all of us – no matter what you think your “justification” is.


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