English Officials Accuse Greenwald’s Partner Of “Terrorism” In Transporting Snowden Documents

The war on terror, like the war on drugs before it, was an artificially created and unnecessary construct that was created to allow the Federal Government – specifically the executive branch – to seize more liberty and curtail the civil rights of American citizens. Emergency war powers allows the executive unprecedented powers and enables them to largely ignore the Bill of Rights


250px-V_for_vendettaxWe have previously discussed how, after Sept. 11th, officials have simply begun to classify acts to be terrorism to use ramped up surveillance and sentencing laws. It was inevitable that with Western countries giving official unprecedented anti-terror powers, they would start to move as many crimes as possible under the expanding category. That is evident after it was disclosed this week that British authorities framed the case against David Miranda, the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald, as a case of terrorism “terrorism” for carrying documents from Edward Snowden.

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