Police State America

The Gestapo, The Stasi, The KGB & GRU – are we next?
It is REALLY starting to look that way. In that sense
9/11 may have been the most successful military attack ever – 12 people were able to start a chain reaction that destroyed freedom and liberty in


Submitted By: Mike Spindell, Guest Blogger

Hill_Street_Blues_CastI have written some guest blogs in the past dealing with aspects of the issue of America becoming a Police State and will link to them at the end of this piece. There are so many issues that call for our concern and attention in this country today, that dealing with the entire dysfunctional state of our country becomes daunting due to the wealth of material. Finally, the stories on a given issue multiply in such a way that their effect is a realization across all political lines that enough is enough. The issue of our country’s continuing descent into a”Police State” equaling all we know of the vile systems in the USSR and the former East Germany is an issue that concerns me.. The situation is  dire and the consequences have produced not only horrible injustices, but also the many unneeded maiming and…

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