Deputy Dove And Policing For Profits: Nevada County Settles Cases Where Drivers Were Stripped Of Cash But Refuses To Charge Or Fire Officer

We used to call this “highway robbery”, and you would call the police. Now it is highway robbery by the police – then who do you call?


web1_web1_WEB_rgb_Lee_Dove I have been writing recently about police forfeitures on highways and how it has become a source of new revenue for departments despite questions of pretext stops and probable cause. Humboldt County has now settled a variety of cases where police took money without any connection or plausible suspicion of a crime. One such seizure was captured on tape and it is a chilling example of what is called “policing for profit.” Las Vegas is a perfect place for this technique since people drive around with a lot of cash. The video captures Humboldt County Deputy Lee Dove confronting one witness by taking his cash and asking “That’s not yours, is it?” The driver responds ‘That’s mine” and Dove simply declares “Well, I’m seizing it.”

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