The NSA is so completely above the law it ignores Federal Court Orders

The NSA, part of the Executive Branch of the US Government, now considers itself a power into itself and above all laws – effectively negating the ability of the Judicial or Legislative branches to act as a Check or Balance on runaway Executive power (even though those branches have virtually abdicated their responsibilities there).
This would be skin to Congress cutting all finding to the NSA, but having it continue to operate by taking money directly from all of our computerized bank accounts (which they have free and unfettered access to).
It is simply WRONG!
This is the exact path to dictatorship.
The founders left one final right and responsibility to us as the Citizen Populace – rebellion in the face of Executive Oppression. Let us hope it never need come to that.

Too Big To Comply? NSA Says It’s Too Large, Complex to Comply With Court Order | American Civil Liberties Union

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