Obama: I Need No Congressional Approval To Go Back To War In Iraq

The Imperial Presidency in Action, While the Legislative and Judicial Branches have outright abdicated their essential And vital role as a Check and Balance to such an overreaching Executive Branch. The Concentration of this much power in the Executive Branch is not how our Representational Democracy is supposed to work; it is simply Dictatorship with the Dictator changing faces every four or eight years (as of now). There is nothing to prevent a President who is willing to ignore the Constitutional Requirements of his office, his oath, and the Bill of Rights from simply ignoring the Term Limit provisions as well. After all – who will do anything about it?


President_Barack_Obama220px-B-2_spirit_bombingWe have been discussing the growing concerns over President Barack Obama’s series of unilateral actions in ordering agencies not to enforce law, effectively rewriting laws, and moving hundreds of millions of dollars from appropriated purposes to areas of his choosing. One of the greatest concerns has been his unchecked authority asserted in the national security area. I previously represented members of Congress in challenging Obama’s intervention in the Libyan civil war without a declaration from Congress. In the case, President Obama insisted that he alone determines what is a war and therefore when he needs a declaration. Since the court would not recognize standing to challenge the war, it left Obama free to engage in war operations in any country of his choosing. As with his approach in Libya, Syria and other combat operations, President Obama declared this week that he does not need any approval or even consultation with…

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