Privacy Prevails: Supreme Court Unanimously Requires Warrant To Search Cellphones

Finally, a very RARE win in the fight against the growing decimation of our civil liberties by the Executive Branch and its minions. Police are now required to obtain a warrant to search a cell phone after arrest – UNLESS – you are stupid enough to give away the protection of your rights by consenting. Remember: Police are also fulky allowed to lie (such as: “We don’t need a warrant”) in order to obtain your consent to search – well, anything!


Supreme CourtIn a major (and increasingly rare) victory for privacy, the Supreme Court voted unanimously to require a warrant for police to search cellphones of arrested individuals. Chief Justice Roberts issued a consolidated opinion in two cases: Riley v. California, No. 13-132, and United States v. Wurie, No. 13-212. The second case is another loss for the Obama Administration which fought to strip citizens of privacy over their cellphone records — a consistent attack on privacy by this Administration. The Supreme Court also issued a major ruling in favor of cable companies in American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. v. Aereo, Inc., a decision that may not sit well with the many citizens who despise these companies. I will be discussing these decision on CNN with Wolf Blitzer today.

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