Thin Blue Line: Virginia Police Department Threatens Officers’ Jobs If They Speak With Defense Lawyers

Another example of how warped our system of “justice” has become. Hiding the truth and convictions at all cost seem to be the norm.


WEJohnson33251412949c6bd4ffff8144ffffe907I just saw this story about how Petersburg police and prosecutors have been under fire after an internal memo surfaced from 1st Sgt. Carl Moore, telling officers not to speak with defense attorneys and suggesting that they could lose their jobs if they help strength defense cases even by telling the truth to counsel. Petersburg City Manager William Johnson (left) is making no statement at this time: he was recently arrested for allegations of assault and domestic battery against his wife. Petersburg Commonwealth’s Attorney Cassandra Conover (right) was also criticized for thanking Moore despite the memo’s conflict with ethical rules governing prosecutors. However, I have not been able to find anything more recent on this story about the instructions or the ethical review.

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