Missouri Governor Calls For “Vigorous Prosecution” Before The Completion Of The Investigation Into Ferguson Shooting

Too many assumptions, too little facts. Furgeson owned Dashcams that were never installed because when they were bought with a grant it didn’t include money for installation – while I can install one in my car in an hour – how convenient.

The officer has made self serving statements, while the witnesses are friends of the deceased. Everybody is picking sides based on their preconceived notions and biases.

Too many assumptions too little fact.

Ferguson has a history of prejudice, brutality and cover ups within the department, but this officer according to their botched record keeping of same had no complaints.

Too many assumptions too little fact.

The protesters have legitimate grievances yet outside agitators and criminals have hijacked their peaceful demonstrations goading a militarized over reacting police presence to use extreme force against even journalists covering their actions. Some decry the police actions, some accuse all of the protesters of being looters who need to be shot.
Polarization of opinion again lies along racial lines and biases.

Too few facts too many assumptions.

Yes, can we please wait for the independent investigation before forming an opinion?


220px-Jay_Nixon_cropWhile like many I was shocked by the story of the shooting of an unarmed man, Michael Brown, by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, I have refrained from making public comments due to the conflicting accounts that have arisen in the case. As a criminal defense attorney, I have long resisted the tendency to rush to judgment, particularly in the midst of public unrest, in such cases. I saw that as a problem in the Trayvon Martin case. Those same concerns were raised this morning with the statement of Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon who publicly stated that “a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued.” Presumably, he is speaking of the arrest and prosecution of Officer Darren Wilson. However, the investigations into the case are continuing and, in my view, Nixon’s comments are wildly inappropriate at this stage.

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