Baltimore Man Sues Police After Videotape Shows An Unprovoked Attack By Officer

Police are not entitled to beat you, taze you, arrest you and charge you with multiple crimes, often costing you your job, thousands upon thousands of dollars in legal fees, medical bills, lost wages – potentially face eviction and collection actions, destroy your credit for 7 years, and make it tough for you to find another job because of your new “police record” – all for being rude, insulting, having a bad attitude, or the wrong sex, color, creed, religion, or sexual orientation. But beat or taze first, arrest and justify afterwards seems to be the preferred method of stress relief for FAR TOO many officers these days. Perhaps PTSD runs rampant in the ranks or something, but these guys need help or new careers – and WE THE PEOPLE – need to stop looking the other way and simply accepting this because “it only happens to criminals” – it doesn’t; it happens to the innocent and law abiding all the time..

The militarized, hyperviolent model of policing has to come to an end. We need a return to “Protect and Serve” from “Patrol and Incarcerate”


bs-md-ci-police-suit-20140915-00210710945_593771287397979_8231406189727835408_nThere is now a lawsuit filed seeking damages in the beating of Kollin Truss by Baltimore police, as shown vividly by the video below released by this attorney. The video is highly disturbing and shows Officer Vincent E. Cosom striking Truss without any apparent provocation and then followed by other officers.

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