Saudi Police Reportedly Raid and Arrest 28 Christians Praying At Home

A quandary,
Where its adherents are taught to be peaceful in lands where they are not strong, and to portray Islam as a religion of Tolerance and Peace, or in some cases to hide their beliefs entirely;
Yet where they are strong they are taught to be conquering, warlike and intolerant of all other religions or sects.

This is Taqiyya.

Which is why Islam often seems so duplicitous depending on where you are – or should I say, where they are.
Which is why “Moderate Islamic Leaders” decry ISIS as barbaric and Anti-Islamic in the West, but the unedited beheading and decapitation videos are favorite varieties of “religious porn” among Muslims around the world – regardless of whether they are “moderate” or not.

And while there are WITHOUT a doubt Muslims who practice a peaceful form of Islam, Islam itself is decidedly not a peaceful religion.

The Saudi’s are not our friends,
They see us as a convenient and incredibly strong ally and counterbalance to the Shia in Iran and Southern Iraq which scare the Bejeezus out of them!
and until very recently a secure and stable place to sell their oil. They are unsavory business partners – the folks who made us a “deal we couldn’t refuse” after the Arab Oil Embargo and the Iranian Revolution.

Our long term (past peak oil and after fracking) energy independence is
about the most critical thing we can do for our national security at this juncture (at least until we realize what a threat Cyber, the Chinese and Putin are), but let the Arabs hold the Chinese over an oil barrel for a while.


170px-Albrecht_Dürer_Betende_HändeSaudi Arabia has long been one of the most vocal countries to object to any insult or restriction impacting Islam in other countries. However, it continues to deny the free exercise of religion to non-Muslims. That oppressive record was on full display this week with the report of another series of arrests of Christians who were merely trying to pray. The infamous Morality Police (Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice) raided the prayer meeting and arrested everyone for the crime of praying to another God.

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