Farrakhan: United States Developed Ebola and Other Means To Kill Black People While Sparing White People

There are four known viral hemorrhagic fever families, all with very high mortality rates – Ebola, Marburg, Lassa & Hantavirus- Hantavirus is endemic in the US, is spread by deer mice and there excrement, had a mortality rate of about 40% (Currently Ebola is averaging a bit higher than 65% with decent care), and there have been a number of outbreaks in the US, South & Central America and S.Korea (where it was first identified). So Hemorrhagic Fevers are not new. “The Coming Plague was published over 30 years ago now I believe detailing the risks of these diseases and there has been intense work on them ever since they were identified.
I am astounded at the 24/7 fear mongering cycle that the cable news networks are engaged in at the moment over this single case. This is really Only transmissible when somebody is actually sick and you touch their bodily fluids. Common bleach destroys the virus, Lysol probably does too.
Ignorance, superstition, and a non-existant health system create the crisis in West Africa. They are dying from dozens of other more common diseases there too.
Farrakhan will do more to see his people harmed with his ignorant hate speech than all of the KKK could hope to do with theirs.


ebola250px-FarrakhanLouis Farrakhan has long been dismissed by most people as a race-baiting crank. However, Farrakhan’s latest missive to his Nation of Islam followers is particularly incendiary. He suggests that ebola and other diseases were developed by the United States to “depopulate” the world of black people. What is dangerous is that thousands actually believe Farrakhan’s conspiracy theories. Notably, this conspiracy is very close to the one being spread among remote villages of Africa where health care workers are being killed because they are viewed as spreading the disease or working for those who created it.

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