It’s always about “the children”

Whenever a Government Official starts talking about a program that affects all citizens yet is done to “protect our children”, they are taking a page right out of the Nazi Propaganda Manual – page one. Your B.S. Detector should immediately be going to ELEVEN.

In the latest variation of this tired tactic Eric Holder argues that new encrypted cell phones will lead to an incease in abused children.. He ignores the obvious importance of the technology in keeping ALL of us safe from cyber criminals and hackers. And the simple fact that all of the data can be retrieved from “the cloud” with a court order, he just wants any cop who stops you to be able to look through your cell phone pretty much at will – you know, kind of ignoring that pesky Constitutional right to be Secure in Our Persons, Places, Papers and you know generally private stuff like that, unless with a warrant supported by probable cause, oath and affirmation, all those little things the Government has been so fond of considering optional lately.

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