A Son of Liberty

Bio: Currently an ardent defender of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights & Amendments (all of them) and Civil Liberties. Battling for the preservation of personal liberties and working against all government overreach, the abuse of power at all levels, big brother, and the surveillance state. Holding those who are in positions of power or public service to a higher standard, to account for their abuses of power, and to guard against the the slow loss of personal rights, civil liberties and the basic protections that allow & fuels the rise of oppression and tyranny. An O.G. (Original Geek), who attended meetings of the Homebrew Computer Club in the 70s and took his first programming class on an 8K TRS-80 w/cassette tape drive, my first professional programming job was converting 8bit computer games from 32K C64 systems to operate on the original IBM PC (PC DOS, CGA & 640K) before getting involved in PC driven machine control & monitoring systems. An Internet Pioneer from before the World Wide Web (remember Archie?) existed with a long & successful background as an entrepreneur, tech industry veteran (primarily in high vacuum semiconductor mfg equipment such as plasma etch and CVD as well as optical metrology systems) and among the original pathfinders in Internet Publishing (from the early ‘90s). After success in those fields also worked briefly in & assisted local (city, county & state) governments in implementing their initial eGovernment systems and working in IT, network & computer cyber security. Also an advocate for children with special needs and those with chronic health issues - especially severe chronic pain conditions such as RSD&CRPS.

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