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How One State Tries To Keep Civil Asset Forfeiture Victims From Fighting Back


An unconstitutional abuse running rampant and turning otherwise good police officers into armed robbers with a badge. They have no fear of their administrations finding out, because their departments are the ones encouraging them to do more seizures!!

Sidebar: Civil Forfeiture and the Temptation to Seize – Institute for Justice

Our Representatives in our Democratically Elected Representative Republic have a systemic disease – virtually all of them now have vastly misplaced priorities; Their typical priorities now seem to be:

1) The Demands of their Party
2) The requests of their Corporate Donors & Generates more Donations
3) What looks good in media & is responsive to the major polls, helps with their next reelection campaign
4) The process of dealmaking & wheeling & dealing, trading legislative favors.
5) The governance of the country.
6) The needs of their business constituents
7) The needs of their individual constituents, especially the influential and politically connected ones within their community.

The fact that the individual constituent is last on this list is the opposite of how the founders intended our representative republic to work. The fact that they place party over country is akin to treason, since the Republican Party is not much different than the allegiance to a foreign power in that it does not place US & Governance first.

In this light – with partisanship overruling common sense and patriotism, with the fact that Republicans are defending even the most egregious and well, stupid, behavior by an elected president that seems determined to destroy the hard won network of alliances and trade relationships that help keep the United States firmly straddled atop the peak of the free world. His short sighted thinking & ideas that sound good after a couple of beers in a bar, but when executed in the complex, real world, where there are both easily predicted and unforeseen unintended consequences that always crop up are, and will serve to permanently damage America’s tactical & strategic military, economic, and diplomatic world interests.

His worldwide business ties, which are not fully known or understood – provide a wealth of conflicts of interests, and myriad of conflicting motivations which have never been revealed – much less understood; while his propensity to lie more often than he tells the truth mean we can not believe anything he says about these business ties and conflicts – and of course – he continues to hide those tax returns.

So, while Republicans continue to blindly defend this, putting party over country – they have no credibility to investigate, but neither do democrats, because they would be equally blind on a witch hunt. An independent prosecutor is the only solution.

Lack of Regulation didn’t cause the Financial Crisis… Policy Did!

This was a great panel discussion about Peter Wallisen’s book “Hidden in Plain Site” which is about the cause of the recent financial crisis, and how we are likely to be headed back into one. As a dissenting member of the congressional inquiry commission he presents staring data that it was caused by Federal Policies forcing Fanny May & Freddy Mac to buy mortgages serving certain target affordability classifications- which they in turn responded to by turning off their underwriting standards and buying scads of sub-prime mortgages (previously they had been famous for buying only prime mortgages).
This single policy began inflating the bubble in the mid 90’s